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Community Outreach

At San Roque Pet Hospital, our veterinary hospital takes pride in partnering with a number of Santa Barbara outreach programs designed to give back to our community.

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Mutt Mitt Sponsorship

Maintaining the beauty of our County Parks as well as keeping our ocean clean can be costly. Santa Barbara Veterinary Group has partnered with Heal the Ocean to sponsor and provide dog waste bags at multiple local parks and beaches, including Butterfly Beach.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Our Santa Barbara veterinarians provide many guide dogs, retired guide dogs, and "career-change" dogs with health care. Our staff knows the relationship between a guide dog and their owner is so important and why it is critical to help an injured or sick service dog recover.

Rescue Group Partnerships

San Roque Pet Hospital is proud to partner with pet rescue groups and shelters in the Santa Barbara area. Our veterinary team provides health care to animals before adoption to help them prepare to find their forever homes. 

Community Outreach, Santa Barbara Vet

New Patients Welcome

At San Roque Pet Hospital, we are always accepting new patients. Our veterinary team is passionate about keeping and making your Santa Barbara pets well. Get in touch with us today to join our veterinary family.

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